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Mindset of a growth-minded leader

What is the essence of growth-minded leadership?

I believe our role as leaders is to build trusting, lasting relationships that create connection and drive business outcomes. This is central to the coaching process I use with individuals and as part of formal development programs with organizations.

When we are growth-minded we seek out ways to be even better, we thrive on imagining what is possible, and we believe there is more to learn. As your growth partner, my passion is to help you discover the moments within you, so you can bring about transformational change.

Who is a growth-minded leader?

These professionals are at any stage in their career journey, from new supervisors to mid-level managers and c-suite executives. They work in any size company in any industry.

What sets them apart? Continuous and conscious reset of the mind to ask, "What can I do today to be even better tomorrow?"

How do leaders create transformative growth?

From my learning and experience as a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach, I know leaders who realize lasting change share these core values: Courage, Humility, and Discipline.

Growth-minded leaders create a level of accountability and count on those around them for input and support as they pursue and achieve their goals.

They know they do not have all the answers and are humble. In demonstrating humility, leaders understand that leading with curiosity and courage creates stronger teams and organizations.  

Growth-minded leaders create actionable steps towards reaching their goals—even when they don’t feel like it or other emotions cloud their path.

How do I build on my previous success and make a bigger impact?

From 20+ years of practicing leadership development, I find these tools integral to growth:

  • Regular Assessment: Claim your values, understand your leadership behaviors, tendencies and measure growth.

  • One-on-One Coaching: Identify areas of growth so you can gain forward momentum.

  • Experiential Learning: Execute action plans to develop and refine skills.

  • Formal Learning: Round out your knowledge base.

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