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The Five Mindsets That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals: Reflections of a First-Time Author

More than a year in the making. The idea. The vision. The intention. Months of deep research, thought, and writing. Stepping into something never done before. Uplifting in times of doubt and celebrating achievement to stay energized. I have realized the goal.

I sit here in my reading chair, one of my favorite places that shared in writing the words of my first book, Growth Point. A labor of love, as it is called, and yes, it truly is. And now, within days of its launch, I am unfortunately fighting a terrible cold, realizing that my body is telling me something: take a deep breath, unwind, relax, and enjoy this moment. So, as I take time to rest, I am given the space to think about the growth moments I experienced.

It is an exciting time when we embark on a major goal. We are fueled by what we will experience when we achieve it — the sense of personal fulfillment and impact we will have. And yet, it can feel overwhelming. For example, we feel the pressure of deadlines, or find overcoming ambiguity difficult, or the goal feels so big that we do not know where to start.

I discovered five growth point moments as I reflected on how I achieved the goal of becoming a published author. As someone energized by finding ways to be even better, I embrace these moments and become inspired. I hope you experience the same as you explore the mindsets that can position you to successfully achieve your goals:

1. Reinforce emotional connection:

When feeling overwhelmed or uncertain to where you just can’t get started on a project, task, or goal, it is time to reinforce the emotional connection to the outcome: What will you experience? What will other people experience? How does it help you get closer to what you want to achieve for yourself? As you answer these questions, capture the emotions that surface and use them as fuel to take the first step, even a small one, to get you started.

2. Break it down:

Saying ‘yes’ to becoming an author was energizing. Yet, I felt this sense of intimidation that had me struggling to get started. Breaking down the goal is what will help overcome these moments: What is the long-term goal? What milestones can you identify? How can you segment these milestones into structured steps? As you identify small steps, you begin to feel like it is possible and build the confidence to get started.

3. Ask for help:

It's easy to become stagnate when you just do not know what to do. Especially if it is something you have not done before or you need to build knowledge. You begin to see your potential and experience success when you reflect on internal thoughts and ask for help: What are you struggling with the most? What do you fear? How can you rewrite what you perceive to be true? Who can you learn from? What knowledge do you need to build to shape your understanding? As you answer these questions, identify one or two people that can help you further explore your findings and define the next steps.

4. Step away:

We must recognize when we experience an unhealthy level of fatigue or stress. Emotions cloud our judgment, and we lose perspective on what is most important. Refreshing on the emotional connection described earlier will help you break out of this cycle, but sometimes you just need to step away. Doing things that bring you joy will help clear the cloudiness and help you see the situation differently. I found perspective through a walk in the park, reading fiction, and spending time with family. I removed the noise that wasn’t serving me and became more productive.

5. Relish in the moment:

We have achieved a major goal and quickly realize there is another waiting for us right around the corner. Through the book writing process, I have learned to take a moment to relish in the feeling of elation and personal accomplishment that comes with achieving a milestone. Slowing down by celebrating these moments with others will create meaningful connections, helping you see how your contributions have made a positive difference for others. You become inspired to take on what is next when you are ready.

I am focused on relishing in the moment, how about you?

Now, time for me to take that deep breath, relax, and celebrate. I am inspired, and the next goal will be there waiting for me when I am ready.

Keep growing.

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