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Your Sense of Wonder: Envision the Leader You Want to Become

A time to wonder. When we imagine possibilities, explore, and envision what we can become. We believe our ceiling is high and embrace how we can shape the future. We schedule time to get out of the details of our work to think, be introspective, and create.

This was one of the inspiring messages as Eric D. Reicin, President and Chief Executive Officer of BBB National Programs, shared insights on leadership with our inaugural Management Development Cohort in May.

Embracing wonder means we lead with curiosity-we show the desire to learn and explore-so we help those around us, and our organization, be even better. We ask, “what if” “what else” and “what is next,” as we step out of our comfort zone to spark creativity and gain new perspective. And that is exactly what the Management Development Cohort will do as they collaborate throughout the program.

As the needs and expectations of those around us change, we must continue to grow as leaders-regardless of where we are in our journey. Envisioning the leader you want to become with a sense of wonder expands your thinking. And identifying the benefits to you, your team, stakeholders, and organization creates the emotional connection to energize your desire for change.

Start by asking yourself:

  • What values guide your decisions and how do you define them?

  • How do your values connect with those of your organization?

  • What leadership traits have you observed from others that were inspiring?

  • How do you want others to view you?

  • What traits will you demonstrate?

  • What results do you imagine achieving for yourself, your team, and your organization

  • What tried and true methods are you drawn to?

  • What if you tried a new method or reinvented what is next based on the current or future needs of your team and organization; what could that look like?

  • What commitments will you make to yourself, those that count on you, and your organization?

  • What do you need to let go to meet these commitments?

Taking the time to go above the noise of our day-to-day and reimagine the future nurtures transformational growth. Not only for ourselves, but for all those that count on us. Only by claiming what we aspire to achieve can we create our path to get there.

When was the last time you took a moment to wonder?

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