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Crossing the River

Leadership growth doesn’t happen in a silo. True, lasting transformation happens when you:

1. Grow Yourself

What changes can you make and what skills can you acquire to gain new perspective and be a more effective leader?

2. Grow Others

How can you engage and inspire those you lead to evolve ideas and deliver results?

3. Grow Your Business

How will you reimagine what is possible to have an even greater impact for your organization?

Coaching can help you:

Develop and execute vision

Create and codify values

Amplify self awareness

Build trust and collaboration

Strengthen executive presence

Foster greater resilience

Be more strategic about decisions

Present ideas persuasively

Take appropriate risks

Focus on what is most critical

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Growing yourself

One-on-one coaching for executives and mid-level leaders

Ideal for successful leaders who are thinking about what is next and looking for actionable steps to get there

The only behavior you ultimately control is your own. That is why leaders often choose to focus on leadership skill development.

To realize long-lasting behavioral change, leaders embrace three core values: 

  • Courage

  • Humility

  • Discipline

Go all in to move forward by involving those around you in becoming even more successful.

Using a variety of tools and exercises, we will create and progress your unique pathway to growth. Stakeholder feedback is integral to the process, from identifying opportunities to measuring progress. We will connect monthly during our coaching engagement, providing the opportunity to regularly reflect on progress and identify actions for moving forward. 

You can choose either the 6-month accelerated package or the 12-month steady growth package. Coaching can be purchased by individuals and by organizations as part of leadership development offerings.

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Using the World's #1 Coaching Program, the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Model, we will:

  • Envision your future and become clear on why you want to be even more successful

  • Claim the values that guide your behaviors and decisions

  • Build self-awareness by gaining insight into tendencies and how they impact others​​

  • Gather feedback and suggestions from your stakeholders to identify how you can be even better

  • Create specific and measurable action plans

  • Measure progress through feedback and feedforward


Growing others

Team coaching

Ideal for new and existing teams looking to build team trust as they undergo significant change or seek greater effectiveness and organizational impact

When teams increase their level of trust and commitment, handle conflict effectively, and hold each other accountable, they are well positioned to drive more business results.

Team coaching goes well beyond team building. Depending on your goals, it can activate your team in two powerful ways:

1. Personal development to help individuals be more effective team members and build an environment built on trust and collaboration

2. Team development to improve how the team functions so individuals work together more effectively

Like individual coaching, team coaching includes regular sessions to assess strengths and opportunities, establish priorities, create action plans, and measure results.

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Growing your business

Visionary leadership coaching

Ideal for leaders looking to mobilize an organization to achieve their vision

Have you defined your essential purpose as an organization?

Are leaders aligned and consistently communicating a compelling vision to employees?

Are you noticing gaps in what you strive for and where you actually are?

Working alongside you, we will help you create and evolve your vision, define your organization’s core purpose, codify your values, align your priorities, and define what success looks like. Then we help you bring it to life for your employees, integrating your purpose into all aspects and systems of your business.

When employees connect to your purpose, they know what they do matters. This leads to greater engagement, which increases their discretionary effort and accelerates performance. Ultimately, this is about coaching you to drive action and business outcomes through others.

Frequently Asked Questions

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