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Coaching growth-minded professionals to achieve transformational results

As a growth-minded leader, you are intent on deriving meaning from your work, living your purpose, and making an impact on something greater than yourself.

Being growth minded requires leading with vision, a deep sense of self-awareness, and curiosity.  You are driven by identifying what you can do today to be even better tomorrow.  

Whether you’re an individual poised for growth or an organization cultivating high-impact leaders, turn to Growth Minded Leadership Group for highly targeted leadership development coaching. And get ready to create transformational moments that surface new habits, behaviors, and outcomes.

As your growth partner, together we’ll use practical tools that enable you to:

  • Envision your future

  • Break through barriers that are holding you back

  • Be more intentional in your decisions

  • See new possibilities

  • Lift yourself and others to greatness

Awaken the courage, clarity, and reflection needed to create your future. Create your legacy and become even more successful.

Your pathway to growth

Begin by growing yourself

One-on-one leadership development coaching

Ideal for executive and mid-level leaders, those who know their continued success hinges on their personal and professional growth


What is the essence of growth-minded leadership?

What makes you a growth-minded leader?

How do you build on your previous success to make a bigger impact?

How do leaders create transformative growth?

Meet Growth Minded Leadership Group Founder Amy Clark

As an all-in thought partner, I have a track record of being in the trenches, walking alongside leaders. I get the business lingo and how to take tangible actions. I know what works. And how to see progress.

Amy Clark Headshot (2)_edited.jpg

What clients and colleagues are saying

Amy draws people in. She’s so engaging in her ability to ask insightful questions that make people think differently. Or even challenges what their natural response would be.

Let's go all in to move forward!
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